1. Create a team from among your friends - or find one to join in our forum.

2. Register your team here on our webpage, but don't wait too long, capacities are limited !

Participation is free.*



3. On Friday, March 6th at 19h we all meet up at the LOST WEEKEND headquarters in Luxembourg City at Cercle Cité for our kick-off event. When the clock strikes eight we will announce this edition's theme, a line of dialogue and a prop that each must feature in your film. Then each team ceremoniously draws a piece of paper out of a hat, allocating a different film genre to each team - and off you go ! 

4. You write, shoot, edit your film between Friday and Sunday. You can shoot in any language you want (we suggest to use the one you and your actors are most comfortable in). A team of professionals will be on standby to help out with advice if needed. Please make sure the final film is no shorter than 3 and no longer than 10 minutes !

5. You deliver your film in person back to our headquarters at no later than 20h Sunday evening. Then we all go for a well-deserved drink.*

6. You relax for a couple of days and feel good about yourself, while we subtitle all films where needed.


7. On Thursday, March 12th, 18h30 we meet again at CASINO Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain for a screening of all your films as part of the Luxembourg City Film Festival , followed by an awards ceremony where you will have the chance to win an audience award  and a Jury award consisting of a complete sound post-production package at UNISON Studios in Differdange, for the lucky winning team's next project !

* handing in your film too late on Sunday will result in your film being disqualified from the competition, but we will still screen it. Handing in your film incomplete or after Sunday will, unfortunately, bar your film from the screening entirely.




The LOST WEEKEND 48h film challenge is specifically aimed at everyone from beginning filmmakers with no prior experience, to seasoned pros. Beginners will find it a great learning experience, pros might find it a welcome way to loosen things up a bit again. This is an opportunity to experiment and to have fun - best of all: no one is going to judge you for making mistakes! The only mistake in a 48h film challenge is to waste precious time, so don't worry and don't fret - just get it done!

We encourage people of all ages to join, children included, but for the kick-off event and the delivery, any child under the age of 14 needs to be accompanied by a parent.

If you want to join or create a team, but none of your friends are interested, make yourself known in our forum. You might come out of this not only with a new film to your name, but also a group of brand-new like-minded friends!


Who’s the jury, you ask? Wise representatives of the art and cinema world of Luxembourg, names of which are to be announced on February 1st.

And us? Well, the Lost Weekend is brought to you by Filmreakter and the Open Screen asbl. We’re a group of friends working in the Luxembourg film world, directors (Govinda, Jacques), producers (Bernard), organizers of the famous Open Screen events (Tanja). This is the first time we organize a 48 hours festival, but we all have plenty of experience making little no-budget films - actually that's how a lot of filmmakers start out !

This project is a collaboration with our friends of the Luxembourg City Film Festival and has been made possible with the support of the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.


For experienced filmmakers making movies can quickly become a rather serious affair. There are all kinds of pressures - creative, financial and otherwise - that can take away from the joy of being creative and the willingness to experiment. Here’s an opportunity to just have fun again. Filmmaking doesn't need to take months of your time - or cost you a fortune. It can be quick, cheap and fun !

Also, we are strong believers in the democratic nature of filmmaking. You don’t need a diploma to make a film, to act, or to make film music. It’s a craft that is best learned by doing. So if you’ve never done it before, here’s a chance to try it out.

Finally, there’s something to be said about stress, not sleeping enough, drinking too much coffee, constant adrenaline… As far as we're concerned, there's no better way to spend a weekend!

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 Avec le soutien de l'Œuvre nationale de

secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte