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After working as a conference interpreter and as Chargée de mission at the Ministry of State’s Media and Communications Service for a few years, Carole first joined Film Fund Luxembourg in 2014, for the part-time position of Creative Europe MEDIA Desk, which she has held ever since. In 2016, she started working full-time at the Fund, initially focusing mostly on XR and immersive media-related projects. Her current tasks include working with the promotion department to plan and implement international co-production visits and industry events, managing and implementing the Fund’s participation in the “CinEuro” Interreg project, handling the Fund’s support scheme for music videos, identifying relevant international training opportunities and promoting them to local professionals, and liaising with other ministries and international bodies like the EFAD on policy and partnership matters on behalf of the Fund. Occasionally, she attends international co-production markets, in particular for new audiovisual formats. Since 2022, she has been the substitute representative to Eurimages ad interim and manages the Fund’s participation in the “New Dawn” and “ESFUF” co-production initiatives. As Creative Europe MEDIA Desk, she promotes the opportunities of the MEDIA Programme to the local industry and advises them on their MEDIA funding applications. Carole is an EAVE graduate (2023). 


Steffen is an audiovisual engineer with over 20 years of professional experience in technical support for image acquisition. Technology is his passion, driving him to meticulously select the right tools for every shot. He relishes viewing the outcomes on the big screen, as he believes that's where the truth lies. Steffen enjoys engaging in endless discussions about both the content and technical facets of filmmaking.
He cherishes his first still camera, acquired at the age of 8, and this early passion instilled in him a keen eye for technical details. As a result, he will naturally focus on technical aspects as part of the jury; it's ingrained in him. When he's not immersed in discussions about or watching movies, Steffen enjoys cycling, reading, and swimming. 

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With a master's degree in cultural management, Mylène Carrière began her career in photography at the Magnum Photos agency in Paris, then at the international festival Les Rencontres d'Arles. Particularly interested in the links between still and moving images, and documentary film in particular, she then joined the programming team at the FID Marseille International Festival. In 2008 she moved to Luxembourg to join the Centre national de l'audiovisuel (CNA), where she is in charge of the education and professional training department. She is also a consultant in film development, promotion and press relations.


Maz from “MAZ UNIVERZE” emerged from a little town in Luxembourg in 1999. It took a while for his beautiful, yet gory poetry notes to escape his bedroom drawer; for the pride flag to appear between metal posters. Today, he puts his thoughts into an explosion of alternative emo-rap with references to punk and metal music, while also entering the world of cinema as an aspiring actor. Maz is currently based in Brussels and is working on his forthcoming album while currently releasing his EMO SEASON EP.



Claudia Pigat, a Luxembourgish art student, completed her Master’s degree in Fine Arts with a specialization in drawing and painting at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar (Germany) in February 2024. In 2022, she enhanced her artistic insights through an Erasmus internship at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery in London. Actively participating in the contemporary art scene, Claudia exhibited her work as a young artist at the Salon du CAL and the Biennale des Etudiants en Art Vianden in 2023.

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