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Christina is an award-winning Luxembourg-based production designer and art director with over 50 films to her name. After studies in Interior Design in Trier, London and Manhattan-Kansas, she embarked on a film career in 1998, working with international directors such as Michael Radford, Peter Webber and Roman Coppola. Her work in Luxembourgish cinema is extensive, having designed films for most of our leading directors - Laura Schroeder, Andy Bausch, Bady Mink, Max Jacoby and Beryl Koltz to name but a few. Her most recent films include Luc Feit’s De Buttek, Adolf El Assal’s Sawah and Sameh Zoabi’s Tel Aviv on Fire


After studying fine arts in Strasbourg, Misch first worked as a graphic designer, before concentrating on his own creations as a freelance artist. His work is focused on industrial history, landscapes and architecture. He uses metal objects, photography, video and drawing to create multi-disciplinary installations involving sound and mechanics. He is an active member of the collectives Maskénada, DKollektiv and FerroForum and a well-known percussionist for various musical projects, such as Total Trio, Open Screen's Kappkino and the recently disbanded Legotrip



Niharica is a Luxembourg-born actress of many talents. Trained in western classical music and ballet at the Luxembourg Conservatoire, she went on to study Translational Medicine at Imperial College London and Cardiology at Johns Hopkins University in the US. After receiving acting training at the New York Film Academy, her path led her to India, where she has made a name for herself in the Bollywood film world. Her films include 6-5=2, Masaan and Total Dhamaal. Her current project, the action film Sooryavanshi by director Rohit Shetty, will be released later this year.


Sven discovered his passion for photography in 2007. Electrified by the rising and thriving creative scene in Luxembourg, he first began by photographing concerts and cultural events and followed this with travels to various political hotspots from the Gezi Park occupation in Turkey to the recent Gilets Jaunes demonstrations in France. He has worked for most of the local press and has been commissioned by foreign magazines such as Stern and Les Jours. Since 2017 he is the Lëtzebuerger Land's resident photographer and signs responsible for many of their most striking photographic depictions of Luxembourg’s political and cultural life of recent years.

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